My Marketing artwork at UIHC

I recently started a Marketing Assistant position at United Integrated HealthCare Center. I develop a click funnel to increase RSVPS to Stem Cell Lectures. I also assist plan and coordinate events and tabling in San Gabriel Valley. I have developed a couple of plans and print marketing. Marketing Strategic PlanDisplay Banners made with Photoshop Over... Continue Reading →


Grace in LA

Grace in LA is a jean company for women in Los Angeles. They develop beautiful jeans with pocket designs. I created a marketing plan based on my research of the business and season on how they can increase sales with promotions. Grace in LA Grace in LA Sale Flyer  

Service Learning

I am currently working for the Center for Engagement, Service and the Public Good where I develop and manage all marketing projects as an intern. I decided to do a side project to display my creativity and professionalism in developing content to share information on the Office of Service Learning. Here, I have developed a... Continue Reading →


Alhambra I did this project as an inspiration for a city I grew up in. I wanted to make it obvious where I was for people who have visited or passed through the city.

Adobe Animate

I enjoyed making this fun track yo-yo from the 70s. I used Adobe illustrator and Adobe Animation to create this gif on a moving track yo-yo.

Interior Design Mini Catalog

Interior Design project I developed this Interior Design catalog to share my interest in working for a Interior Design company one day. I designed my home with inspiration from Pinterest and would love to manage social media and marketing at an Interior Design company or Furniture Company like Living Spaces or Mathis Brothers. I used... Continue Reading →

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